Ingrown toenail management/surgery

Our procedures and expertise


At Mulgrave Podiatry we have a dedicated theatre and facilities to provide patients with the utmost care for managing in-grown toenails.

Not all toe-nails require surgery and can be managed simply in the clinic. However, should the need arise we are able to guide you through the process and the procedure.

Also, on site, are GP’s and nurses should there be any need for consultation with another health professional for medication management or anxiety related to having the procedure.

We believe that it should be a positive experience. In most cases the procedure takes approximately an hour, with the first review 2 days later.
Most people fully recover within 3 weeks of the procedure and all patients are happily walking immediately afterwards. In fact, most patients state that they feel significantly relieved immediately.


Treating all individuals from the elderly to athletes, teenagers to smaller children. Helping to manage conditions from heel pain and sporting injuries to diabetes assessments, general foot care and toenail surgeries

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