Running gait re-training

Our procedures and expertise


Some injuries can occur due to our technique’s and the way we are using our body and its inability to manage or cope with what we are putting it through. Running is no different, the repetitive nature of running is part of what contributes to the number of chronic injuries sustained. One method of managing running injuries is to assess your gait (link to gait analysis) and provide some feedback to improve your current running technique.

There is research to suggest that making small targeted changes to your running technique can reduce stress at particular tissues, improve your running times/speed and make the whole experience easier.

As part of your running gait analysis and re-training education we also provide rehabilitation exercsies to get you stronger and provide running training plans to ensure that you are on track in the most organised and controlled way possible to maximise your return to the activities and sports you love.


Treating all individuals from the elderly to athletes, teenagers to smaller children. Helping to manage conditions from heel pain and sporting injuries to diabetes assessments, general foot care and toenail surgeries

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