Strength testing

Our procedures and expertise


It is all very well to provide someone with a rehabilitation program, but without testing we are only guessing about what your progress looks like. John has been completing research assessing the strength and its relationship with foot, ankle and leg conditions and all the podiatrists at Mulgrave Podiatry are well versed in ensuring that all of your assessments are quantifiable so you can monitor your progress and find any weaknesses that require addressing.

Using dynamometry, which is often reserved for those at Universitites in clinic we are able to test and assess your foot, ankle and lower limb strength to build the most focussed rehabilitation program for you.

Reduced strength has been shown in the research to exist in those with heel pain, stress fractures/reactions and other lower limb pathologies. Therefore, if we can best test it, we can provide the most comprehensive treatment pathway for you.


Treating all individuals from the elderly to athletes, teenagers to smaller children. Helping to manage conditions from heel pain and sporting injuries to diabetes assessments, general foot care and toenail surgeries

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